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Integra Vehicle Wraps - Featured Project

Producing extremely well designed eye-catching vehicle wraps and vehicle branding is a key service we
offer here at Surreal Signs. We pride ourselves on top quality design, application and finish.



Integra Vehicle Wraps - FEATURED Branding PROJECT

To Design and vehicle wrap 2 utes completely including the tray sides.
So here is a great showcase example of the process we go through from start to finish when vehicle wrapping or branding a new set of fleet vehicles. After meeting with the clients we discussed their requirements and we established a good idea of our initial design path and the content needed to be displayed on the vehicles. They supplied us with updated artwork files for the company logo and we did the rest. Taking images of the vehicles and measurements we could then set about the design process and producing some initial design visuals for the customer to see and review. Once happy with the design and all signed off we then size up the artwork, double check measurements and begin the print and production process. We print the vehicle in sections minimising joins and once printed the vinyl material is allowed to gas and dry for around 24-48 hours prior to being UV laminate. After another 12-24 hours we then trim the prints down and then it's over to the vehicle wrapping team for application. On application they heat and manipulate the 3M wrap material (3M-ij180, 380 or 480 - dependent on wrap specification) into position and into the contours and shapes of the vehicle, then trim to finish. We'll always try and remove as many parts of the vehicle as possible, like the door handles, lights and trims etc. in order to make the wrapping process easier with less trimming and reducing any unnecessary over stretching.


Integra Packaging - Supply Chain Innovation and Protection.
Integra Packaging creates cost effective solutions to protect and enhance our customers' products throughout the supply chain. We provide a consulting and design service to identify cost-take-out opportunities and use our global network to offer world's best practice in packaging innovation. We have specialized on-site teams to provide packing and preservation services around the world.


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