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We have a huge range of varied services, covering everything from signage,
planning, production and manufacturing, print, design, installation and application.



Digital printing offers superior print quality fast with a versatile media range to suit any application.

Our 3 Mutoh large format digital printers 2 1600mm wide machines and 1 larger 2500mm machine for that extra wide media, generally run all day producing high quality full colour prints.  All our prints are protected with a gloss or satin over-laminate to ensure longevity, scratch resistancy and with the gloss UV stability. We also provide an anti graffiti film for extra protection in particularly vulnerable areas. This film is used a lot for our school signs.

Should you have any questions regarding artwork for print, specific requirements or formats, image resolution or anything else related, then we have some basic artwork specifications which can be read ..[here].. or just give us a call or email.

digital printing, laminating and vinyl cutting services brisbane queensland


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Laminating and Vinyl Cutting Services

Laminating virtually all printed media as standard.....Vinyl still the perfect alternative.

The images shown below are of our large format print laminator and vinyl cutter. The laminator not only laminates our printed materials in a variety of gloss, matt and silk finishes but also is used in the application process of the graphics to panels too, such as corflute, foamex and composite aluminium or dibond. These are then trimmed or guillotined after application to the required size.

Our vinyl plotters are the original sign-writers best friend and are still a key tool and process in the sign and production industry. We have a wide range of solid coloured vinyls in a variety of finishes, shades, sizes and textures which can be used and applied to a large range of materials and substrates, including glass, plastics, metals and of course vehicles. They are used on a temporary basis and or permanent and can be removed when required without any adverse effects.

One of our larger vinyl plotters is also built with an Optical Eye which enables us to print and die-cut to any given shape or path we create or are provided with. A particularly handy bit of kit and is used in many different scenarios with great results. Especially small shaped stickers, beer tap labeling and mutiple kit graphic sets.

laminating and vinyl cutting services brisbane queensland

Need more information on the above service? Then Head to our contact Page and use the form provided.
Alternatively please call 07 3713 7999 or email a member of the sales team will be happy to assist.. Thank you.

Brisbane Sign Company - Surreal Signs - Signage, Design, Print and Graphic Solutions. Qld.
Brisbane Sign Company - Surreal Signs - Signage, Design, Print and Graphic Solutions. Qld.